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What would happen if Zhao had been Zuko's ally? What would happen if you combined Mei and Zhao into a single character? What if Zhao were smarter?

What if Toph had worked for the Fire Nation? What if Toph was a Lava-bender?

What if Hama had been a young man instead of an old woman? What if this young Hama had worked for the Fire Nation instead of against them?

What if Combustion Man had been on the board from the very beginning of the story?

What if the White Lotus had backed the Fire Lord? What if the White Lotus knew everything? What if the Red Lotus had existed in The Last Airbender?

What if the Avatar wasn't guaranteed to win by simple virtue of being the good guy?

Read on and find out!

Rating: REdit


Strong Language

Some Sexual Content

Possibly Adult Humor


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