Ok, something I wrote a while back, these are a few guidelines to being a supervillain. Yes this is a rough draft, and I haven't posted the real guide, which is going to kick this page's ass.

Section headingEdit

Ø  A complete disregard for human life (that’s important! Good super villains will kill without a second thought!)

Ø  A trademark that sets you apart from the average crook (ex. Joker-laughing gas, Mr. Freeze- freezing weapons, Poison Ivy- plants, Two face- the 2’s, everything’s a 2, do ya get what I’m saying here?)

Ø  A name. A super-villain needs a name that’s catchy, something that sticks in the head and can be whispered in fear; something that’ll strike terror into people. A person’s name defines that person. Your regular name won’t cut it, because somebody, somewhere has images and memories they associate with you, and that person won’t be scared of you, and lack of fear is contagious. You want to be scary? If you’re a super-villain, scary is good, so pick a scary name.

Ø  Goons. A team of loyal goons is priceless for pulling off those big jobs. Doesn’t have to be a big team of goons, but you need henchmen to help you carry the loot. Your profit is usually limited by how much you can carry in one trip, cause you’ll probably only get one trip before the cops show up.

Ø  No matter what you’re doing, do it with a bang. If you rob a bank, let the world know you robbed that bank! If you go to the grocery store, take your team of goons, and let the world know YOU SHOPPED HERE!

Ø  This is the last one and the most important, NEVER GIVE UP. No matter how many times they toss you in jail, no matter how many times you earn the death sentence, if you ain’t dead, keep on keepin’ on! You are (insert your super-villain name here)! You’ve got a reputation to uphold! Escape and strike fear back into the hearts of the world that sent you to jail; get revenge on the goody two-shoes who threw you in the joint! Carve yourself a piece of history, and then make it one that no-one will ever forget!

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