Hey all my wonderful readers,

So it has come to my attention that not only is rehashing the old Aang goes north then east then west then back to the middle for the final showdown boring as hell, it's unfair to the other characters! So we're going to be seeing a little changeup in our lineup!

Up til now we've been seeing 4 chapters of Aang & Company for every 1 chapter of everyone else. This leaves me grinding to a halt quite a lot because its hard to serve up good hash when its rehash. So from here on in, we're going to be seeing a lot more of our B & C plots. Sorry D plot, you're just not as fun as I thought you'd be to write, so you're going to have to share with B plot.

So what's all this mean for our favorite characters and plots? Well...

A PLOT (Aang & Co.): Will now no longer be so prominent. It will be greatly impactful for B and D and eventually C plots, but a lot of A plot is going to be second hand info now. Don't worry there is still a lot of awesome stuff coming.

B PLOT (Marrow): What Marrow's doing right now is going to be huge spoilers if I tell you about it, so we're not going to be seeing a lot of him in present tense and a lot of flashbacks to give me us some background on what the world of Avatar Dark is like. All the information which would be found in filler episodes in canon, is going to be pertinent stuff in Marrow's flashbacks.

C PLOT (The FNRF and Eon): A lot's changed in the lands of the Death Touch, and Eon is going to be very busy. There's going to be lots of awesome stuff going down and I can guarantee much more Azula, Ty Lee, Lu Ten and Visumbra.

D PLOT (Asami, Teo, Jet & Co.): Sorry fellas I love ya, but there's just not enough to your story line for you guys to be making regular appearances. Don't worry, you're gonna have your shockers and riveting moments, but not just yet.

E PLOT (What The Faceless One Is Getting Up To & Stuff That Seems Outta Left Field): There will be a few chapters on this too as the Faceless One is going a major player for the Republic.


Hope y'all don't mind this little change to the lineup, trust me you're not gonna lose a thing.

Keep an eye out for the next chapter!

263px 9-17-14

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