is quite accepted here as it is a natural part of losing your temper, shoot 'cha mouth off all ya like! (just please no racial slurs, people get touchy about those)

Politeness PolicyEdit

If somebody is ranting, please don't antagonize them! Their blood pressure is high enough! If there is a rant you disagree with, READ SOMETHING ELSE! This page and all threads stemming from it are meant to be a point for stress release via ranting so that our beloved users don't give themselves unneccessary heart attacks by bottling up their anger, NOT DEBATING, so please do not antagonize the ranters!

Oddly enough, our rant threads can be wonderful places to make friends if you are supportive (unless they're talking early burials in which case, discourage them at all costs!) Please, try to encourage your fellow users to calm down and help them get over whatever has them so mad.

On the subject of being supportive, we would appreciate a lack of death threats and things that will make men in suits knock on our doors wanting to know what was meant by it. If you post something that CS thinks might incur the presence of men in black suits, it will be hastily deleted, and if you do it too often, you'll be banned just as quickly! So please, save yourself the typing, and CS the deleting! If you have something that will bring the MIB down on you or CS, DON'T PUT IT ONLINE!