"Knowledge is merely a tool. Creativity is what powers it and makes it useful."- Cackling Shadow, 11/11/13

Ethics of Idea SharingEdit

Here at the CSCS, we want to hear your ideas. What we don't want to hear is that someone's ideas have been stolen and profited from. If you are caught stealing ideas and it can be proven that you stole an idea, you will be banned immediately and permanently as idea stealing is utterly despicable. That being said, please don't share ideas that you are afraid might get stolen as this will neutralize a lot of nasty conflicts before they begin, and if you want to use someone else's idea, please ASK FIRST!

Guidelines to Idea SharingEdit

Ideas you SHOULD share:

-are not so profitable that you will be heart and financially broken to see them go as Shadow can only do so much to protect your ideas

-are things you can't profit from (ex something you would like to see happen in an established & copyrighted show, movie, comic book, etc.) or are extra vague (see next point)

-are just the start of ideas, not fully fledged ideas so that the most anybody could get from them is a start in a certain direction

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