Created by Cackling Shadow

One of the most dangerous metahuman criminals in existence, the Iron Skull was captured by G.H.O.S.T. agents after nearly ten years of an intercontinental chase and nearly fifteen years as one of the most successful and dangerous criminals to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Metahuman abilitiesEdit

Superhuman Intelligence

Technopathy enabling the following:

~Can hack and control any computer no matter how advanced

~Can detect any technology capable of transmission or reception

~Can create and install programming in any device with a thought

Full and extremely precise control of entire electromagnetic spectrum enabling the following:

~Generation of electromagnetic pulses

~Energy Projection (lightning bolts, fire balls, blinding blasts of light)

~Radiation Control (emitting radiation of any nature at any desired frequency)

~Thermal Vision

Control of forces of motion and momentum enabling the following:

~Super human Strength

~Super human Speed and Reflexes

~Super human Accuracy


Armor and EquipmentEdit

Helmet: equipped with communications tech, detection and jamming tech keyed to his voice should his powers ever fail

Armor: Equipped with variety of miniaturized weapons which can be activated with vocal commands or through use of eyetracking technology in his helmet

Assorted Weapons: Designed for concealment, can unfold into full sized and full power weapons in seconds

Teleportation satellites: equipped with stealth tech, can beam unknown number of operatives to unknown number of locations with unknown capabilities

Containment MeasuresEdit

The Iron Skull after his capture, was stripped of his armor and placed into a medically induced coma. He was contained in a cell located at the bottom of a top secret prison made especially for holding metahuman prisoners.

Precautions included:

~Bulletproof glass cell door capable of withstanding a small tank round lined with sensors which would initiate prison wide lockdown and release possibly lethal amounts of sedative gas into all cells and corridors, as well as removing all stairways, sealing all exits and every level with doors strong enough to hold G.H.O.S.T. Agents Hell Raiser and Frankenstein who are the strongest metahumans on record.

~Lethal cutting lasers designed to activate and render all areas outside the cells unnavigable webs of deadly lasers

~Sonic Cannons designed to fire into the corridors with sufficient force to shake even a protected and augmented human brain to jelly

~DNA coded stealth assault drones circling the area around the facility at all times

~24/7 hour surveillance and monitoring of all vital signs.

~Self Destruct Protocol capable of reducing the entire prison and everyone in it who's not in a cell to a puff of ash in seconds if the prison is breached during a lock down

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