Created by EmpressofMelnibone, Art by Cackling Shadow

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Fire Manipulation along with exceptional hand to hand combat skills. A budding ability to manipulate electricity as well.


Raised in poor but happy family in a nameless city that no one knows about nor cares. Bao was forced to fight for everything she has. Knowing that knowledge is power, she read every book available to her becoming a walking encyclopedia of history, science, literature, and the arts. Coupled with her street smarts she is as formidable an opponent in brains as well as physical brawn.  At 19 she developed the startling ability of fire manipulation, training herself in it's uses till she can manipulate heat from any source, including the physical body. Finding a kindred spirit in a young college student, they developed of short lived romance that turned sour when he fell into drugs, slashing her face in a paranoid rage. Causing an instinctual usage of powers burning his body to ashes, the shock of her actions forcing her to miscarry their baby. With nothing left she wandered the world training in every martial arts available till she became a physical weapon.

She lives her life by a strict code of personal honor, centered on only killing those who "deserve it". She can't stand those who harm children, and is excessively violent to anyone threatening kids. She's on her own side but trust me you don't want her as a enemy.