For as long as there has been death, there have been Death Bringers. The Death Bringers are split into four sects, the Vampiri, the Bone-Mongers, the Death-Touch and the Spirit Callers. Since the dawn of history, there has always been the Emperor, the Death Bringers' unquestioned and supreme ruler. As long as there was an Emperor, the four sects lived in peace because they all bowed to the same ruler. As long as the four sects worked together, they were unstoppable, and those who were not possessed of their gifts could be enslaved or killed on a whim.

But then, at the coming of age ceremony of Emperor Aang, the emperor mysteriously disappeared. Some claim he was killed for good, some claim he ran away, and many have grown to no longer care. Without the Emperor, the four sects turned on each other, battling for supremacy. That was nearly a hundred years ago. In the anarchy caused by the war, the ungifted were able to successfully rebel for the first time in history.

The revolution was a headed by an anonymous person known as the Mechanist, now the faceless leader of the newly founded Republic of Life. The Mechanist is a genius who managed to build massive war machines which could challenge the disorganized Death Bringers in battle, and over the course of forty long years, the Republic of Life has grown to cover much of the continents of Thera and Melaf, driving the Death Bringers to the edges of the world as even such great strongholds as the impenetrable city Ba Seng Se were overthrown by hordes of rebellious slaves and the Republic's ever more formidable war machines.

Some Death Bringer strongholds persist, but with the rising forces of the Republic and the incredible power the Death Bringers have turned on each other in their struggle for power, it is uncertain whether or not the Death Bringers' era will survive into the new century. With the Century Comet less than a year away, the era of the Death Bringers may finally draw to a close.


Rating: PG-13/R (for high likelihood of offensive language, possibility of steaminess, and definite gore of epic proportions)

The characters involved in this story are a dark twisted nightmare reflection of those present in Avatar the Last Airbender, do not read expecting to bump into your favorite characters as you know them.

Chapter 1: The Boy on the IceEdit