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• 11/19/2014


The ChatShack has been invaded by droves of characters from abominations like The Search, the Shamalamatrocity known as The Last Airbender and many other such horrible things! Find them! Take 'em down! MAKE IT HURT! Make them regret ever darkening your doorsteps and then bring back the tale of their demise for a massive bounty! GO! DEFEND YOUR REALMS FROM THESE IMPOSTERS AND INTRUDERS! (See rules of Bounty Hunting below)
In order to claim a character's bounty, you must lay claim to them with a short introductory paragraph in this thread and a picture of the character (3 sentences max) identifying the character, specifying the nature of their demise and where they are invading. Then you must post a more detailed account within 24 hours of claiming their bounty, or they will get away.
The Detailed Accounts must include a description of your realm so that we can be certain you were actually responsible for their demise
Ursa: The Search: 50,000,000
Ikem: The Search: 40,000,000
The Mother of Faces: The Search: 40,000,000
Kiyi: The Search: 30,000,000
Ung: The Last Airbender: 40,000,000
Unfunny Sokka: The Last Airbender: 25,000,000
Katara Wannabe: The Last Airbender: 25,000,000
Not-Zuko with a slap mark: The Last Airbender: 25,000,000
Not-Iroh looks like Gandalf: The Last Airbender: 15,000,000
Not-Zhao without Mutton-Chops: The Last Airbender: 15,000,000
Air-Muppet: The Last Airbender: 10,000,000
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• 7/23/2014

Closing Up Shop

Due to lack of users, I'm afraid the time has come for me to shut down my Chat Shack. It breaks my heart to do so, but I'm afraid it is time to just let my poor wiki lay down and die.
If you wish to make my day and protest this closure, please leave a comment or something so that I'll know you were here.
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• 4/2/2014


I bid you all WELCOME! Big smile and hearty handshakes and hugs all around!
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• 3/17/2014

Cackling Shadow's Rapid Random Super Character Generation Method

Tha-at's ri-ight!
I've got a present for all my users!
Something to break any superhero writers case of writers block!
[Behold My Super Character Generation Method!]
I've made over 2 dozen characters in the past week using this method, and if it gets a good reaction, I will concoct and provide another such method in short order
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• 3/15/2014

I am sad

My entire forum is inactive! 8'(
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• 3/6/2014

Captain America's Super Soldier Serum

So as these threads so often start, once again, I've been thinking. Captain America, prior to the Super Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray treatment, was physically frail, scrawny even (if tall), and yet the super soldier serum increased his strength, speed, physical everything to peak levels and then some, sending someone at physically perhaps 50% of average to probably 250-300% of average or more.
So what would the serum do for someone who already had impressive physical qualities? Would it make someone fast superhumanly so? Would it make someone already durable near indestructible? Would a strong person become a mini-Hulk?
And this makes me wonder, "Hmm...what would it do to me? Or my friends on the Wikis?" So I extend this question to you my friends, if your finest physical attributes were increased to ten times their current levels and even your least impressive physical traits to peak borderline superhuman levels, what manner of superhuman abilities would that manifest as for you?
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• 2/26/2014


It was recently brought to my attention that the Chat Shack had nowhere to discuss music. And given that music is a popular topic, it seems silly for there not to be at least a thread for it.
So this is now the music thread!
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• 3/4/2014

A cool thought I stumbled across

So I found something cool. [All the characters drawn as being from their opposite nations]. Now since I'm certain everyone has at least attempted to draw themselves as being from their favorite nation, what's your opposite nation, and can you draw yourself as being from your opposite nation? (or least ways edit the character who looks most like you to look even more like you?)
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• 2/20/2014

New and Upcoming Movies

We didn't have a thread for this, and it seems to be a popular topic, so I made a thread for it.
Now on this topic, who besides me has seen the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy? Also, who thinks it's going to be utterly horrible or insanely funny?
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• 1/24/2014

Truly Obscure Stuff

Am I the only one who has shows that I watch and I see things that nobody would ever think about unless it were pointed out?
Well in the event that I'm not, this is now the thread for commenting on the obscure things that most people don't see. And remember, there is no such thing as too obscure or insignificant (at least not on this thread!) And remember, it doesn't have to be from TV it can be from a book, or history, any source at all really, just please explain it and why it caught your attention.
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• 1/21/2014

Villains who would make awesome heroes

A good thought raised by Earth Kingdom a little while ago: there are a lot of villains who would make awesome heroes/protagonists. So now we have a thread to discuss them! Hooray!
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• 1/20/2014

Shows that exchanged potentially awesome and dark plots for comedy and a degree of toon force to appeal to younger audiences

The heading really says it all, but I'll expand on it.
While I was in the shower just now, I thought about a show I used to watch, which I watched again a few months ago and thought, "Whoa this could have been so much better." Then I thought, given the large response to the Superhero Dream Teams Thread, why don't I ask my buddies if they have any shows like that? So, any shows y'all used to watch that could have been done with darker, and more mature and involving plots?
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• 1/13/2014

Superhero Dream Teams!

Ok, so it just ran across my mind that one of my favorite DC comics characters has never to the best of my knowledge had an appearance on a TV show. So then I thought, who would I put them on a team with? The result? My superhero dream team which is as follows! MWAHAHAHA!
Any 5-7 of the following with the others being recurring characters:
Pre-existing characters
-Rose Wilson aka Ravager
-Jason Todd aka Red Hood
-Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress
-Roy Harper aka Arsenal
-Koriandr aka Starfire
-Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy
-Tara Markov aka Terra
New characters
-Harley Quinn's little sister: MOLLY Quinn!
-The Joker's long lost son: Jack Napier Jr!
Yeah I know its essentially Red Hood and the Outlaws + 4 of my favorite characters and 2 I just made up, but still! If I could have a show with these nine characters I would probably have a minor stroke from sheer joy.
And this made me wonder what y'all's super hero dream teams are! So if you have one, share!
If you want to do a crossover team with two of your favorite comic book companies that's awesome! Mine would be the above but with Marvel's Nightcrawler, Wasp, Shadowcat and Scarlet Witch added to the list.
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• 12/3/2013

The Joint Fanon by TarrlokUltimateWaterbender, Cackling Shadow, Earth Kingdom and Emperor Qin

And as requested I found the create forums and threads button. 8^)
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